How to choose a stainless steel sink

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Speaking of the decoration of the kitchen, the stainless steel sink is a topic unavoidable. As small as it is, it is one of the most used kitchenware in house.
However, many of the owners are not aware of that, there are many things to think about before buying a sink. The following notices should be remembered to avoid being tricked by the shoping guide.

1, The material 
The best steel plate for making a sink is the 304 steel plate. Considerating hardness and wear resistance, it is the most suitable for kitchen use. With a surface particularly smooth and delicate, it is difficult for oil and dirt to stay on it, thus usually we just need to wipe it with a towl to keep it clean. The preferable thickness is 1.2mm. Dongyuan Kitchenware mainly uses high quality and cost-effective steel plates,and also ensures durability and enjoyment.

2. Anti-noice treatment
Spraying the bottom of the sink and affixing rubber sheet to it can act as a buffer,which reduce the sound made by the water impacting on the sink. Dongyuan Kitchenware greatly reduce noise by caring for the craftsmanship and materials. When purchasing, the anti-noice treatment should be considered according to the quality of Dongyuan’s products.

3. Finished treatment
There are three types of stainless steel sink finished: high light, sanding and matte. The high light type has a better glossiness but is easy to get scratches; the sanding type is wear-resisting but dirt can easily to be accumulated on it; the matte type combines the advantages of high light and sanding, therefore it is more popular among consumers.
4. Treatment of the inner corner
There have many things to pay attention to when purchasing a sink. Every details of the sink’s design should be noticed. A high-class sink should has an inner corner close to 90 degrees which provides a bigger vision in the sink and the bowl also have a larger volume.
5. Accessories
The accuracy of the drain pipe must be consistent with that of the sink. Using PVC to make the drain pipe life is the same as the sink’s. Also, it can prevent blocking, water seeping and dripping.

What’s more, steel ball positioning is the key to sink sewage disposal, qualified steel ball positioning can quickly remove sewage and prevent odor from returning. Designing the drain pipe to be S-shaped can also reduce the back smell. It would be even more perfect with a special sterilization technique..

6. Shaping technique

Welding procedure and integral molding are two ways to shape a stainless steel faucet. Using the integral molding ensures that, corroded by many kinds of chemical liquid ( like cleanser), the sink will not have any dripping problem. It is a very important technique, which requires high quality of steel plate, and is also an obvious manifestation of the sink’s quality.